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By ChoP Admin - Posted Mar 13, 17

New: Donation system

New: Donate for the option to catch mobs with eggs

New: Donators can use * tags next to their names

New: /pet

New: /bling

New: Dedicated Server, (no more lag)

Changed: Server running Java 8

Changed: CoreProtect to use mysql, better server performance

Changed: Now sticking with LWC, not Lockette

Changed: mcMMO level 1400 for Monarch

Changed: Voting links updated with new dedi

Changed: Player slots from 25 to 50

Changed: /rtp max teleport distance increased from 2000 to 4000

Changed: Rules

Changed: There is an element of chance to catch a mob with an egg now. See wiki for info

Changed: Kit redstone now has two hoppers

Changed: Removed junk from voters chest and added better items

Added: Stone Arch terrain with a Stargate. Claimable, located somewhere in the world

Added: Wiki changes

Added: Donation page monthly donation goal

Fixed: Website tag bugs

Fixed: New players didn't get newbie kit on join

Fixed: Old Guide applications prevented players from using the form

Fixed: SignShops nonexistant


Towny Chat

MobArena (With rank based classes!)

Dynmap (Minecraft's Google Maps!)

More to follow...

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Hello all
Yo, fellas!! I can't get onto the server for some reason. It says that it is refusing connection. I got on there fine on 11/06 though. If you can suggest a fix then that would be great. Thanks.
Is the server down?
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