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By ChoP Admin - Posted Mar 21, 17

- First pass on MobArena, still unbalanced, has bugs and needs work. Join with /ma j

- Added Towny chat, Nation chat. Can use /tc and /nc respectively

- Added [NationTag:TownTag] to chat

- Changed Sugar Cane price from $0.05 to $0.25

- MobArena to announce games globally

- McMMO experience can be gained through mob arena

- Added regeneration potions to majority of MA classes. I'd encourage people to start choosing support classes so they can survive longer!

- MA HealBattery class damage resistance lowered

- Changed: Afk-auto kick now kicks at 10 minutes, and not 5 minutes

- Updated /rules

- Fixed bosses sending players under the floor when rooted in mob arena


Dynmap (When the stargate is found this will be added. This is to prevent it showing up on the map beforehand as a worldguard region and people finding it this way)

More Mob Arena classes

Access to The End will be limited to events soon

Voter of the month chest and keys, with VERY cool items.

Alien worlds accessible through stargates

Cooldown on /town toggle pvp

More to follow...

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Hello all
Yo, fellas!! I can't get onto the server for some reason. It says that it is refusing connection. I got on there fine on 11/06 though. If you can suggest a fix then that would be great. Thanks.
Is the server down?
You do not have access to shout.