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Hello Everyone,

 Guide applications are now setup, and are available for those who wish to apply. There have been a lot of recently questions from people wanting to become staff. All of the requirements are listed on the application as of now. We hope that this will clear up any of the previous questions from players.

 If you have any more questions reguarding the applications, feel free to contact one of the Administrators. (ChoP, Prime "Jerbo", or myself.) We look forward to seeing new applications in the near future, as well as working with some new staff members to help revive Terracrafters to its former beauty.

 Also, more questions have been asked about our donation store, and I'm happy to say that it will be active very soon, with some very cool, and special things for you to purchase for the server. You can expect to see the Donation Store online, and ready by the end of tonight.

If you have any more questions, feel free to make a forum post. We will reply to you as soon as possible, thank you everyone for your recurring support on the server!


I_ChoPPerZ_I Admin posted Mar 7, 17

Fixed: Potential fix for Lava/Water not flowing correctly until block update

Fixed: /town mayor ? command not working for mayors

Fixed: Some chunk generation bugs

Fixed: /wb and /workbench were managed by two different plugins. Serf now has access to use both commands rather than just /wb

Changed: Switched from LWC to Lockette chest protection system. Learn how to use Lockette here: https://youtu.be/CVcU_ZPgF0E

Changed: Fireworks no longer appear when a player activates an ability or levels up. (Temporary workaround for firework damage)

Changed: Players can no longer enter safe zones while tagged in combat

Changed: PvP is now enabled globally. /town toggle pvp no longer works - we're trialling this

Changed: /t no longer brings up the towny GUI. You can now use /tgui instead

Changed: Newbies start with $10

Changed: Teleport time reduced from 10 to 5 seconds

Changed: Town pvp is now enabled globally, /t toggle pvp disabled - pending feedback

Changed: Lowered mcMMO level requirements for the earlier ranks, to reflect kits and rewards. I can guarantee 99% of you wont reach Monarch http://terracrafters.wikia.com/wiki/Terracrafters_Wiki#Progression_Ranks

Added: Minecraft-Tracker.com vote page

Added: /warp shops

More follows...

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Hello all
Yo, fellas!! I can't get onto the server for some reason. It says that it is refusing connection. I got on there fine on 11/06 though. If you can suggest a fix then that would be great. Thanks.
Is the server down?
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